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Lupac, Caras-Severin, Romania, Europe


mmmYou have many possibilities to contact us. You write to us to the address above putting the name of the institution you like to contact.

mmmBy mail


mmmBy phone at one of the following numbers, the prefix in Romania is ++40(most of all 0040) the county's number is 0255 and then you call the number:
mmmmmmmmmmmmmLupac Hall - 233715
mmmmmmmmmmmmmPolice - 233604
mmmmmmmmmmmmmSchool from Lupac - 233621
mmmmmmmmmmmmmSchool from Rafnik - 234572
mmmmmmmmmmmmmSchool from Clocotici - 234594
mmmmmmmmmmmmmMedical office Dr. Budugan Daniela - 233626
mmmmmmmmmmmmmCroation Union from Romania - 233650

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