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mmmTopicality is the most dynamic and changeable information. This zone will probably be the changed or modified. In these pages we will talk about public administrative institutions and about the people which serve the citizens interests. We'll present you public institutions, foundations and others. Maybe will be some galleries with the candidates as mayor in the country. Well they represent and administrate our village and make improvements with the others (from the village and outdoors).
mmmThe general news will be a collection of information and important news which could interest us for the knowledge of the world we live in. Or maybe could be an affair –by general knowledge- with world/from or to us.
mmmAt the local news we don't have a clear strategy. We wanted to be a page just with local news, accessible by the logged members from Lupac, or in direct contact with us. We wanted to be a small commercial page, in which we put the latest deaths, births, which will get married and when, and other events and holydays. This means hard working and we don't know how we can solve the time and the precision of the information's.

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