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Welcome in our township!
Welcome to Lupac, Caraș-Severin county, România, Europa!

mmm Here we are, home at our place. We want to show you what great things we can do, what are we doing, how beautiful we are with our girls, like no were in world. We are hard-working. Our popular costumes are the proud and the miracle of an extraordinary nation. For generations, our mothers and grandmothers embroidered real art pieces. Our fathers and grand fathers have built houses, which the young have modernized. We helped Croatia in reconstruction after the years of war, with their Serbian brothers. If you are from (or you know) any of our villages, you know that the houses are now real villas.
mmm We have leaders and investors, who have got trough the business life. We have artists, writers which their names passed the country's border. We have people who are well good prepared, with schools and good university's. Even in the sport zone we have great results.
mmm The beauty of our places, make the trespassers stop a little bit for the look-out. And we are friendly and everybody who comes here is welcome. We can laugh, tell thank you and we can say YOU'R WELCOME! And the biggest satisfaction for us is that we could help a friend, no matters if he is not from the places. Listen to our music and to the verse… and play at our dance!
mmm The church is the place that unites us all. It is the most important place from the village. So in the four communities of Lupac you could find your peace in one of the 4 churches. In Rafnic we even have a monastery. That proves that the relation with God is very important.
mmm In the last years our young people have left to other countries from the world, asked to come to build beautiful things. The community misses the left ones, who the see just sometimes, at Christmas or other events. For these we have built this “virtual village” to remember the place they left. And to show to the world that they aren't anybody, come from nowhere. We are as same as every German, Spain, France or American. And we have a place of ours where we could say HOME! And it's the most important a beautiful place on world.



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