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mmmThe arts are presented in the page reserved for the “letters”, I mean the poems and the prose, generally for the writers which use the art of correct words. Our community has a few people appreciated in music and dance. These things are observed trough abundance and the beautiful songs from the old. The dance is represented on the whole earth by the Clocotici's Folclorical Ansamble. We have chosen a few pictures to illustrate the rest of the arts.
mmmEducation is very important for our culture. We have schools in every 4 villages. We have very aware teachers and students with good results. You don't have a choice but to be happy that you are from here.

mmmAt the part of the science we wanted to bring our old people's arts. We have today a few engineers, people which create beautiful things in technical domain. Because it is connected with the science; the health could be put in this page. For guarding the health or repairing it you have to know a lot of science.And then don't forget “mens sana in corpore sano”. Well, science and health are good sisters.

mmmReligion is one of our spiritual coordinates. It is maybe the most important spiritual activity. We don't forget that in every Sunday and in every holyday to go into the faith zone.

mmmEvents and holidays are moments when the boys and the girls dress them selves with the traditional costumes. It is a event when u see them dressed up with art operas. With these costumes we have amazed the people. Every time it is talking about the national minorities from Romania, they are shown a boy or a girl with the traditional costume.

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